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GPS devices - engraved crystal of theft


The asset with high values and difficult to conceal such as automobiles, motorcycles are the prey for the thieves. Just in a minute of careless, your assets could be stolen, even you have previously used many anti-theft method. That's not to mention the uncertain situation can occur when you rent your car, a friend borrowed your car or someone uses your vehicle for improper purposes ...

Neither of us wants to meet unfortunate story, but the risk is real and we must prevent them effectively. Today, with a GPS global positioning device which is deeply hide in the vehicle, we can know location of the vehicle whether it anywhere at anytime.

With the advantage feature of this equipment, now all things has been put under control. You can be assured that when the uncertainties occur, you can solve it quick and effective.

Here are actual cases that we have a chance to be recorded on Aug 24th, 2010. We summarize the search story for an suspected theft Innova car, so the reader can better visualize how the equipment works and clearly understand the usefulness of this device:

At 15:59PM Tien - a self-drive vehicle owner in Hanoi could not contact his vehicle tenant! With many years experience in renting a car, he doubt that his car has been "robbed." He really worried about his car and try to find out the car. Because vehicles are important assets of his family and is a tool to help feed his family.

Normally, in this case, the owner can only report the police. Police with their service will find the vehicle, but it takes time for the investigation process , and if found, you could not know how your vehicle would look like. Furthermore, there is not enough evident that Tien can report to the police, because this was suspected only.

Fortunately, his vehicle has been “plugged” the ADA GPS global positioning devices, searching vehicles now become much simpler.

Innova car located in our map system(vehicle status:stoped more than 46mins )

Tien and ADA Solution staffs was quickly plan finding the car. At 16:52PM, our team began searching.

Start location of search team in ADA Map system

17:51PM our team has been near robbed vehicle location.

18:23pm, after 30mins very close to robbed car, we withdrawn quitely.

Map screenshot that our team has been very close to Innova car

We returned and reported to the police

So, the campaign searching Tien’s car with the help of ADA GPS device finished after 1h30mins search. The car owner is very happy, and will not worry about his vehicle from now on. And the ADA staffs also very happy.



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