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Monitoring Solutions For Forzen Transport Roadmap – Temperature – Generator Status



Many transport companies, especially the North-South transport units specialized transportation frozen are experiencing difficulties in managing and supervising the transportation of goods, as the (Frozen Container). How to control the storage temperature duing transport? How to solve this problem? ADA company like to introduce to our client management solution-transport monitoring system using GPS technology freeze warning system combined with GSM / GPRS.

Current Status & Needs:

Most frieght companies are from North to South routes has the demand of management of transport routes as well as monitor system storage temperature of frozen goods. In particular, the urgent needs such as monitoring vehicle cruise control, cargo boxes andh temperature status of the generator switch box in the process of transporting goods, but if the temperature exceeded the permitted level or suddenly turned off, our system GPS will be alert & immediately connect to the Server of GPS / GPRS & send notification to the administrator by SMS.

Our Solutions:

After analyzing the current situation and needs, ADA offers to our customers the following solutions:

Interpretation of Models:

The vehicles will be attached with a GPS Tracker GSM/GPRS/GPS to collect satellites signal, including GSM-GPS devices to the GPS Tracker is connected to the temperature sensor to check the temperature and status switch on / off sensor to check the status of engine.

User will be provided an accounts (User Name + Password) to connect to server (2) by logging into www.adagps.com to configure parameters for activating devices. The parameters included:

Temperatures Range should warn (min / max)

Phone number list to be alerted. Inspection cycle. Number of maximum messages (in case but warned the situatio has not changed).

And some technical parameters such as GPRS / TCP server.

Active / Deactive: Turn on \/ off warnings of each device.

Server SMS Alarm program will run automatically, based on SMS Alarm configuration parameters will be examined data from the GPS device / GSM / GPRS (1.1) begin to violate it will send a report to the number phone alert list.

User (3) monitor on the computer by accessing www.adagps.com (shown best with Google Chrome browser) or viewed on mobile (access http://m.adagps.com) to update the data transmission, including: time, location, temperature status, state of ON / OFF in the form of icons that displays detailed information and colors to show different status of temperature and ON / OFF position.

In addition the system provides reports to help users keep track of vehicle position went through, the total distance route and the distance from the nearest point before it.

Dreams into reality:

ADA company has sucessfully implemented this solution within 39 days with five staff (including 1 Manager, 2 Programmers, with a Dutch automation engineer)

Experience with the sucessful deployment of many business units in Vietnam such as: Viet Nhat Transport, Eggs Super Clean & VN Gas. We are confident about your dream of a reality.



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