Mobile SMS Tracking GPS solution


After 3 months R&D cooperating with VietBando, Mobile SMS GPS Tracking supplied officially to endusers who using tracking, managing service (Dragonfly) of Asian Dragon company limited.


GPS Mobile SMS Tracking solution: Vehicle tracking via SMS by hand phone

To use Mobile SMS Tracking, customer need to register the hand phone to the Dragonfly system to track via SMS then customer will be supplied an access rights to send message to the Tracking system and receive the position replying.

To know where your device currently is (Real time tracking):
- Please compose message as: VBD ADA [Your device name] then send to 8577

- VBD ADA is Prefix syntax. Ex: if you would want to know the status of device named 521234, just compose a message: VBD ADA 52X1234 then send to 8577

If you would want to track your device status in the particular of the time (in the pass):

- Compose SMS with the syntax: VBD ADA [Device name/ [DDMMYYhhmmss] then send to 8577

[DDMMYYhhmmss] is the time need to be tracked. Ex: to track the status of 52x1234 at 09:45 dated Sep. 11, 2009, compose message as: VBD ADA 52X1234 1102090945 then send to 8577

SMS Cost for 1 SMS message sending to 8577 is 5000VND