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DragonFly: Transportation scheduling solution


Dragonfly is the Fleet Management System using black box GPS technology combined with GPRS and Mobile Phone Network digital mapping (GIS) for managing Vehicle and assets easily, contributing to resolve problems cost effectively for personal and business activities in areas related to transport activities.

Sattelite, Mobile Phone Network, & Digital Map Application:

General Solution:

Dragonfly is the Fleet Management System using black box GPS technology combined with GPRS and Mobile Phone Network digital mapping (GIS) gives managers the benefits as below:

  • To monitor the exact location, speed, status (stop / run) of the vehicle.
  • Manage effective use of staff vehicle.
  • Schedule vehicle efficiency, improve service quality.
  • Anti-theft, loss and fuel consumption.
  • Protection of business assets most effectively.

Model Performance:

Dragonfly solution using a device called as black box positioning (GPS) attached to the vehicle. Black Box GPS duty’s to record vehicle information and data from the central server via a mobile phone Network (GPRS). Central server records all the data returned from the Vehicles. Users are provided a Web account accessing to the central server to review the moment of all vehicles.

The Management Functions :

  • Monitoring the location and route of vehicles in real time based on digital maps and satellite maps.
  • Automatic warning center will alert whenever the vehicle will overspeed.
  • Automatic warning center will alert whenever the vehicle move throughout the limited area.
  • Alert in SOS situation.
  • Status display directly at the Operating Center on detailed maps of 63 cities.
  • Can save route in the data base within 01 months or 06 months (depending on the needs of customers).
  • The detailed report, diversity helps managers to quickly sum up the situation.
  • Handle simple manipulation, fast, convenient for un computer expert.
  • Allow, create and manage separately view points on the map.

Also can combine with some other special sensors to send the parameters of interest such as fuel consumption (gasoline, oil), temperature, humidity, ... or RFID, barcode to the center.

Some images simulation functions:

Track all Vehicles

Monitoring each Vehicle on the Satellite Maps

Tracking the route on Satellite Maps

General Report

Detail of the Route of following Vehicle

Location making Function

Location Report

Device Management Functions

Report under Column Chart

Black Box GPS Device:

There are two kinds of  Black Box GPS Devices (Common & High Quality) with the type and variety of models corresponding to different features depending on the needs of customers.

  • The common: TK102, VT 3.0, GT3X, ...

Tracking location, speed, route management, sound track, signaling SOS, voice, ....

  • Line of high quality: Track V, VT 3.1, ...

In addition to the ordinary functions of the line, the line of advanced equipment is integrated sensors measure parameters such as temperature (dedicated refrigerator cars), humidity, fuel consumption (gasoline, oil .)

Investment cost Warranty/Maintenance
  • Equipment   : 180 – 340 USD / Device
  • Annual Fee :  50US$ /Device

* Warranty 12 months, at the Headoffice or any branch of ADA in Vietnam.

* Customer Support System works 24/24  7 days of the week.

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