GPS Technology Monitoring Cement Mixer Tank, Pump, Vehicle


Being known we have the fleet management system. Board of Directors of PL Concrete Company, Head office invited us to come to discuss in detail, given the difficult problem in mangement and want us to advise using GPS solutions applying in surveillance, management of transport and quality control for concrete mixing tank lorries.

PL concrete has 400 concrete mixing tank lorries operating in the area of the Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces. Current demand of quality concrete work to Anti-Concrete lossing, Anti-wasting fuel as well as management of lorries routes are big problems for Board of Director of PL Cement Company. “Many of our lorries losses upto 10 million VND per month”, ensure there is nothing concrete was mixing in the process of transportation to work”.. One of PL Representative said:


  1. Management quality concrete to the customer site.
  2. Make sure when the lorry’s on the way to the site, mixing tank always on “Start Mode” (defined quality operation). Warning when the car stopped running, (mixing tank also in “Start Mode” to work, but change to tank “Washing Mode” when the vehicle on the way back.
  3. Management against losses

Warning alarm when the vehicle unload in wrong place. Avoiding drivers pour mixing concrete on the point of regulations.
Warning fuel stolent.
Oil used in contravention of regulations.
Pumping not in right places.


Attaching a sensor to determine the rotating direction of the mixing tank. Will transmit data from sensors located to the GPS device, then transmitted to server and processed by the server program GPS / TCP / IP server.

Rotating Direction Status will be compared to state moving / stop of the mixing tank. If the violation is detected the system will order to GSM modem and message to the administrator immediately. Simultaneously recorded data to the status report.

With 5 devices on 5 vehicles during the test deployment, we were confident by PL’s BOM side PL solutions and applications. PL agreed A.D.A. to implement system-wide installation of 400 tanks vehicle.

This result is a collective effort of all ADA rich heart and always look forward to bringing to life the practical appliction with the most effective.